Project Based Learning (PBL)Project Based Learning (PBL) is contextual, creative, and shared. As a part of the New Tech Network schools, students at Carolyn Clark Elementary School collaborate on meaningful projects that require critical thinking, creativity, and communication in order for them to answer challenging questions or solve complex problems. By making learning relevant to them in this way, students see a purpose for mastering state-required skills and content concepts.

Students aren’t just assessed on their understanding of academic content, but on their ability to successfully apply that content when solving authentic problems. Through this process, project based learning gives students the opportunity to develop the real life skills required for success in today’s world.

New Tech Network schools also use Problem-based learning. PrBL is a form of inquiry-based instruction used primarily in Mathematics that places the students in several smaller Problem scenarios rather than a single, large Project scenario. Supported by National Council of Teachers of Mathmatics and the National Science Foundation, much of what makes PBL so successful is present in a PrBL environment, including Entry Events, the Need-to-Know (NTK) process, and student-centered scaffolding.

To learn more about PBL in our classrooms, examples of PBL projects are available to read about below.

Transistional Kindergarten


Competed Projects
December 2017 - Shapes Project: What can we build or create to show others that shapes are all around us?

First Grade

Completed Projects

Kindness Project: How can we be kind?

Second Grade

Completed Projects

Kindness Project: How can we be kind?

Upcoming Projects

How can we construct a building that will withstand natural elements?

Third Grade

Upcoming Projects

Third - How can we increase the food supply of bees in our community?

Fourth Grade

Current Projects
Mission Project: How can we choose a good site and design for a new mission so that it will meet the historical goals of the church and Spain in California?

Upcoming Projects
How can we, as individuals, prepare ourselves and our families to be as safe as possible before an earthquake, secure as possible during an earthquake, and reactive after the earthquake to avoid more loss and devastation?

Fifth Grade

Completed Projects

Empathy Museum: How can we encourage empathy and understanding for the immigrant experience?

Upcoming Projects

Mission to Mars: How can we create a successful mission and sustainable economy on Mars?

Sixth Grade

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