Band Attitude

Attitude is everything!

The greatest single factor to determine the success of an individual or organization is attitude!

The kind of person you are is an individual choice, and how you feel about something is one of the few actual independent choices you have in life.

Having a positive attitude makes an artistic performance inevitable and is the difference between a winning organization and a mediocre group.

The band can do so much for you.

Make the most of it in every rehearsal and performance!

Concert Band

About Concert Band

Concert Band is open to all students who play a band instrument or who want to learn to play one. This band gives students the opportunity to explore music making and prepares them to play in the Symphonic Band. Students play from the book “Traditions of Excellence” levels 1 and 2.Students play at concerts and top music festivals. Students learn new skills every day.

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Band Calendar Events

Band Member Duties

  1. Be on time to all rehearsals and performances. Early is on time and on time is late.
  2. When the director or staff member steps on the podium or asks for your attention, all taking should cease.
  3. Come to rehearsal with a good attitude.
  4. No horsing around with your instrument.
  5. Make a real effort to improve on a daily basis, establish a good practice routine.
  6. At the end of rehearsal put all materials in their proper place.
  7. Maintain a strong academic standing in all course work (seek help if you are struggling in a tough subject).
  8. Become responsible for and assume responsibility for your own actions. Admit when you are wrong.
  9. Have proper respect for yourself, your classmates, and those in authority.
  10. Read and play music with insight, have musical expectations.

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