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Ambassadors Blog Series: 15 Questions about Ms. Trowbridge

15 Questions about Rachel Trowbridge by Ashley, Lynda, and Somya

Hello our names are Lynda, Ashley, and Somya. We go to Katherine Smith Elementary School. We are in the fifth grade.

We asked a few questions about Rachel Trowbridge. She is the assistant principal at Katherine Smith Elementary School.

Authors and Mrs' Trowbridge

Question 1. What do you like to do on your freetime? She stated, “I like to cook, bake, shop, and read on my freetime.”

Question 2. What games did you like to play when you were little? She remarked, “I liked playing horse with the basketball, monopoly, and games on the Nintendo.”

Question 3. What is your favorite sport? She remarked, “ College basketball is my favorite because my older brother played with my family.”

Question 4. When you were young did you want to be an assistant principal? She responded, “ No, my mom was a teacher so my brother and I helped her. I became a teacher and eventually became an assistant principal after that.”

Question 5. Do you like the community you live in? She stated, “ Yes, because my workplace is near and my family lives near there.”

Question 6. If you could choose your spirit animal, what animal would it be? She replied, “I want to be a dolphin because I love the water and I try to feel as graceful as them but I fail.”

Question 7. What do you do after a long day at work? She remarked, “I go to the gym and when I get home i make dinner and go to bed early.”

Question 8. What would you do if you didn’t have to sleep? She answered, “I would travel if I didn’t have to sleep. I would probably travel to Europe.”

Question 9. What is your morning routine? She explained, “I wake up, make my bed, get dressed, do my hair and makeup, get my thing together, get my gym clothes, pack my lunch, and make my coffee.”

Question 10. Do you like dogs? She stated, “I like dogs. I like big dogs better than small dogs.”

Question 11. When you were small did you have a job in mind? She stated, “No, I didn’t have a job in mind.”

Question 12. What would you do if you were the last person on Earth? She acknowledged, “I would talk to dogs even though I don’t have my own.”

Question 13. What’s your favorite book series and book? She explained, “My favorite book series is Harry Potter, and my favorite book is to Kill a Mockingbird.”

Question 14. What’s your favorite weird food combination? She laughed, “My FAVORITE is hot sauce with almost everything!”

Question 15. If you could choose any job what job would it be? She answered, “I would be a chef, baker, of a cook because I like cooking.”

We learned a lot from this interview and we discovered new things about Ms. Trowbridge.

Student Ambassador Blog Series

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