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Ambassadors Blog Series: 15 Questions about Mr. Brengard

15 Questions about Mr. Brengard

Hello our names are Lynda, Ashley, and Somya. We go to Katherine Smith Elementary School. We are in the fifth grade. We are going to ask a few questions about Aaron Brengard. He is the principal at Katherine Smith Elementary School.


Question 1. When you were young, did you want to be a principal? Why or why not. He responded, “ I did not want to be a principal. I got in lots of trouble with my own principal. I ended up being a principal because when I was in college a professor inspired me to be a teacher then I worked my way up into being a principal.”

Question 2. Do you have children? If so, what are their names? He replied, “ I have two children. Haley and Lily. Hayley is 13 and Lily is 10.”

Question 3. Where is your favorite place to travel? Why? He stated, “ Hawaii is my favorite because it is a relaxing place and it’s beautiful.”

Question 4. What was the hardest lesson you learned? He remarked, “ There is no time to feel sorry for yourself. If you want something to be better do something.”

Question 5. If you could be stuck at any age what age would that age be? Why? He explained, “ I would want to be stuck at the age of 42. I want to be 42 because I feel like that was a good time in my life

Question 6. What would you do if you were the last person on earth? He answered, “ I would listen to the wind and hurry up to find food.”

Question 7. Who is your favorite fictional character? Why? He replied, “ Hans Solo because I was the perfect age for Star Wars and I loved how he didn’t care about things but was a good guy.”

Question 8. What’s your favorite movie genre? Why? He remarked, “ My favorite genre is Science-Fiction.”

Question 9. What is your favorite movie? Why? He stated, “ I like Star Wars and comedy movies.”

Question 10. If you could choose your spirit animal, what would it be? He responded, “ I would want to be an eagle.”

Question 11. What is your favorite restaurant to go to? He answered, “ I would go to any sushi place.”

Question 12. What is your morning routine? He replied, “ I get up, I make coffee, I exercise, do schoolwork, make a to do list, wake up my 13 year old daughter, take a shower, wake up my 10 year old daughter, drive my 13 year old daughter to school.

Question 13. What do you like to do on your freetime? He stated, “ I usually just hang out with my family or friends.”

Question 14. What’s your favorite book? Why? He responded, “ My favorite book is Harry Potter. I like this character because in my opinion I think it’s the best book series.”

Question 15. What did you want to be when you were little? Why? He answered, “ When I was little i wanted to be a rockstar.”

School Ambassador Blog Series

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Lynda, Ashley, and Somya

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