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Ambassadors Blog Series: Dephi, the service dog

Delphi, the Service Dog

By: Abdiel, Alexander, and Damian

Delphi Service Dog

Delphi is a service dog that helps us here, at Katherine Smith. She helps us in many different ways. Service dogs can open doors turn lights on and off, even pull a wheelchair. Delphi can’t do some of these things because she’s still learning.

All services for these dogs are free because of donations. To get a service dog you need to fill out a application. That application is sended to the service dog H.Q. and then someone volunteers to train that dog for about 12 months. After that, the service dog is turned in for advanced training.

After the service dog grows older, they get partnered up with skilled professional trainers so that they can learn more advanced skills. Eventually, the day comes when the dog, and owner first meet.

Now let’s talk to Katherine Smith. Katherine Smith’s very own service dog trainer: Mrs. Leipelt.

Q:How does it feel training a service dog?

A: ”It’s very rewarding because you know you are helping people. It is also very hard to give back the dog.”

Q:What caused you to train service dogs.

A: “It is because I knew someone who was in a wheelchair that had a service dog. I saw how the dog helped her and so I decided to volunteer knowing that I was helping someone”.

Q:How do you feel about Delphi?

A: “I love her, I love how she reacts when she learns something new and I like that she gets to teach other students about what service dog’s do. I also love how one day she will be helping someone”.

Q: How long have you’ve had Delphi

A: “3 months.”

In conclusion, Delphi is a service dog that will grow up to be an amazing dog, to help amazing people.

three students

Abdiel, Alexander, and Damian

School Ambassador Blog Series

Posted by Aaron Brengard in Caring Culture, School Ambassador Series on Wednesday April, 4, 2018 at 03:51PM

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