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Ambassadors Blog Series: 15 Questions about Mrs. Rodriguez

15 Questions about Margarita Rodriguez

By Lynda, Somya, and Ashley, K. Smith School Ambassadors

Lynda, Ashley, and Somya

Hello our names are Lynda, Ashley, and Somya. We go to Katherine Smith Elementary School. We are all three in fifth grade. We are also school ambassadors.

We asked Ms. Rodriguez (aka Ms. Maggie) some questions to get to know her. Ms. Maggie is a school office health assistant at our school.

Mrs. Rodriguez

Question 1. Where did you like to go when you were little? Her response was “ When I was small my grandparents bought a ranch and I liked to go play with the animals.”

Question 2. Where do you like to go? She beamed, “ The backyard is my favorite place.”

Question 3. What is you favorite season? She replied, “ I don’t have one favorite but two of my favorite seasons are winter and summer.”

Question 4. Where do you like to travel? She explains , “ I want to travel Europe .”

Question 5. Do you have pets, if so how many? She responded “ I have 3 dogs, 7 birds, and 1 cat.”

Question 6. What T.V shows do you like? She said “ I like watching informational shows.”

Question 7. Where do you like to go with your family? She stated, “ Sometimes I like to go camping with my family.”

Question 8. Where do you like to go after a long day of work? She responded “ The only place I like to go after a long day of work is my backyard.”

Question 9. What is your favorite hobby? She replied, “ I like gardening.”

Question 10. If you were to be stuck at a age permanently what age would the age be? She replied, “ The age that I would want to be 35. I want to be stuck at this age because I’m not to young and I’m not to old.”

Question 11. What was the hardest lesson you learned? She replied, “ The hardest lesson learned was if you don’t go to school you won’t have a great future.”

Question 12. If you could choose any job what would it be? She explained, “ I want to be a professional massage therapist.”

Question 13. What is your favorite sport? She replied, “ My favorite sport is soccer because my dad was a professional soccer player back in Mexico.”

Question 14. If you can choose your spirit animal what animal would it be? She answered, “ I would want to be a boy peacock.”

Question 15. Who inspires you the most? She said, “ My mom inspires me the most.”

School Ambassador blog series

Posted by Aaron Brengard in Student Leadership, School Ambassador Series on Wednesday April, 4, 2018

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