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The Tour of My Classroom by Taelynn


Hi my name is Taelynn and I will be showing you a tour of our classroom.

Project Wall

So first, we have the Project wall and our driving question is, “How do our individual identities strengthen our community?” Our project is “My Name, My Community” and our Exhibition is this Thursday. Our deliverables are, making a book about our life and we are also doing a bio poem. A bio poem is when you write a poem about your qualities and want you want to be in the future.

Empathy Tool Sign - I care for myself. I care for others.

So next is the tools, the tool for this week is the Empathy tool. The empathy tool helps other students not judge each other and the quote for the empathy tool is “ Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked in their shoes”

.K. Smith Habits Symbol

Next, we have the K. Smith Habits and the habit that we are working on this week is Collaborate. Also, each week we have a new habit and in those habits there are specific detail that we work on. So this week's specific detail is Listen and act with empathy and every specific detail has a tool and the tool is the empathy tool as we talked about previously.

Then, we have the Daily Five Wall. So Daily Five is like rotations of different types of reading. The types of reading we do in Daily Five are Listen to reading, Read to Self, and Read to Someone. For Listen to Reading we go on and we Listen to books. Next, we have Read to Self. For Read to Self we read to ourselves of course and we have to read quietly, sit in one spot, read the whole time,and get started quickly. Finally, we Read to Someone. For Read to Someone we read to a partner obviously and we have to read the whole time, sit in one spot, and EEKK. (EEKK stands for elbow to elbow knee to knee)

I feel grateful for having the best teacher and a cool classroom.

Thank you for reading.

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