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Two K. Smith Student Ambassadors

Katherine Smith is a school that shows good habits to the community and never gives up on their students even when it is rough.

This school does project based learning. Project based learning is a learning strategy that makes students apply to other situations to solve the problem. For example, I did my project on Shark Tank in third grade. We had to build a team to sell items. After we had to talk to “the Sharks”. We had to apply our work by making changes to our products we created.

The teachers are very nice to the students and are hardworking. The staff is very helpful to the students. Every class is unique in a different way. The classes are different from other schools by look and by skill. The staff encourages students to make new friends on the playground and off. The teachers work together to help the students. The school is persistent and never gives up on teaching the student.

The school has lots of open space and we can roam around freely. The play has lots of things to do during recess. The school is filled with creativity. Everyone is nice at the school and gives a fair trade. The school teaches in ways that makes it fun.

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Posted by abrengard in Project Based Learning, Student Leadership, Caring Culture on Monday October, 30, 2017 at 03:50PM

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K. Smith School A 21st Century Learning Exemplar

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