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Leadership Opportunities at Katherine Smith By Aaliyha and Jassmin

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At Katherine Smith there are three leadership programs that offer the opportunity to learn many skills which we can in the future to contribute in our society. The three leadership are the following: Geniuses, Leaders 4 Success and School Ambassadors. This year we are also integrating a new leadership which is also part of Leaders 4 Success called Playworks Junior Coaches.


“Tech Geniuses” is a technology leadership where students from 3rd to 6th grade can join and are assigned a specific grade level teacher. Students learn new things every Tuesday on their meeting like how troubleshoot, pre-test apps before the whole school has access to them, learn to explore the web safely and much more. Then every Wednesday, they apply their learning by helping their assigned teachers with technology in the classrooms or give the class a presentation about a certain topic. For example, this week the Geniuses did a presentation about cyber safety. Geniuses go above and beyond their expectations and are very dedicated, not only do they have their meeting during the school year, but they also have a few training during the summer.

Leaders for Success

“Leaders 4 Success” is a leadership that focuses more on our social behavior than our academics. We learn how to collaborate and contribute with our fellow students to have less problems outdoors and to communicate more effectively between us students. Leaders for success have weekly meeting to decide which activities are working well and what is not working during recess and lunch recess. They run a game room where students are able to play with board games, dolls, and other toys which gives them an option to be inside playing or outside playing sports.

At the end of the school year, Leaders 4 Success lead “The Panther Games” which are different games stations each run by leaders following a schedule designed also by them. As some leaders run the games, other lead the classes to a game station in hopes they all have a turn at each station.


“Playworks Junior Coaches” is a new part of Leaders 4 Success that was introduce this starting school year 2017 and we are very excited about it! Just as we have leaders in our Game Room, we are now being trained to be ‘Junior Coaches”. Junior Coaches are students in training to lead outdoor games, in charge of equipment handling and problem solving outdoors. Each month we will be taught new games that later we will be introducing at recess or lunch recess to other students in different grade levels. It will be exciting to see how this will impact us positively in our future.

K. Smith Habits

“School Ambassadors” are students that have the opportunity to lead tours to visitor who come from other cities nearby, other states in the U.S. and even around the world like our yearly visitors from Beijing, our previous visitors from Brazil and from the many states in the US. As an ambassador, you have the responsibility to have knowledge about what type of school Katherine Smith Elementary is. We are a Project Based Learning and a New Tech Network School. Ambassadors give in depth information and show how Katherine Smith students work with PBL from TK all through 6th grade.

Both of us are ambassadors and this will be our last year at Katherine Smith Elementary. As ambassadors we have had the privilege to take good care of our visitors but also have gotten the opportunity to show them not only PBL, but all the really cool and amazing things we do here and introduce them to all the great teachers and staff that our school surrounds us with. It is always a pleasure to share our thoughts, learnings and memories with each one of our visitors. This is for sure one of our greatest accomplishments and has given us the most amazing memories to cherish.

Whether you are a leader, student, teacher, staff or visitor at Katherine Smith Elementary School, we can assure you that you will receive the best experience and unforgettable memories due to all our leadership opportunity motivated by our students.

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