2nd Grade Documents

Beginning this January, all second grade students will receive weekly writing homework. Every Tuesday for homework, students will be given either a narrative or expository topic and asked to complete either a Quick Sketch/Quick Notes (QS/QN) or Power Outline. On Thursday for homework, the worksheet will be returned and the students will then write their paragraphs. We are asking that the students complete these assignments with little or no help from home.

This packet includes one copy of each worksheet. To help save on the cost of copies, we are asking that you make a copy of the required worksheet each week for your child to use. The documents can be found below. You will also find samples for how to complete the Power Outlines and QS/QN as well as writing a narrative and expository paragraph.

We have also included one sheet of our writing paper for you to copy each week, or your student may write on binder paper; however, a picture will still need to be drawn for each assignment.

In this packet you will also find a couple of tools to help your student; a narrative writing checklist and the 2nd grade writing guideline. If the students are writing a narrative, the checklist should be used on Thursday night while they are completing the paragraph. Once your child has completed his/her paragraph, he/she should read the paragraph to someone and then together go over the checklist to see if every part is included in his/her writing.

The writing guideline clearly addresses all parts needed for your child to write at grade level and as an advanced writer. The column on the left addresses all types of writing, and to the right the specific requirements for expository and narrative writing. Remember this is just a tool to help your student when writing. Your child’s final grade is still determined by the rubric shown to you at conference time.

In summary:

  • Tuesday: students receive writing topic and complete either a Power Outline or QS/QN
  • Thursday: students write the paragraph. Remember to use the writing checklist if writing a narrative.
  • Parents will need to make copies of the power outline or QS/QN needed each week as well as the writing paper.
  • Worksheets can be found below.
  • Helpful tools: writing checklist and 2nd grade writing guideline
  • Students should complete the writing on their own with little or no help.

Thank you for your help and cooperation,

The Second Grade Team


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