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Posted 04/19/2020 08:10PM

Hello Quimby parents/guardians,

I would like to share with you the details of what learning will look like for your child for the remainder of the school year. We are officially transitioning all learning to a Distance Learning (online) format beginning April 20. This means that all learning will be done at home connecting to teachers and school work in a variety of online formats. Below are additional details and answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

What is the schedule for students?

Review Quimby's complete Distance Learning plan and the student schedule by reviewing the following:

QO Distance Learning ShareOut: STUDENT/PARENT

The following student screen-cast is a "how-to" for reviewing the Distance Learning schedule:


How do we access work?

Google Classroom will be utilized. Please see the join codes.

  • Lobo Comprehensive Program (LCP) - Students will access lessons via Google Classroom. Teachers will use Zoom or Google Meet to connect virtually. Click here to access the join codes for each teacher by team & period. Also, here is the parent guide for you to support your child getting online.
  • Lobo School of Innovation (LSI) - All classes/blocks are taking place one Echo including Lighthouse classes. LSI students will use Google Classroom for PE, Band, and if they are in an elective other than Lighthouse.

Within each of the learning platforms for both programs, teachers will vary the methods, platforms, and activities. Access the individual classrooms and teachers for more details. Most periods or blocks will include some kind of a short virtual face-to-face time via Zoom or Google Hangout and a significant work time. We will not have students for 1.5 hours of Zoom Meetings or Hangouts. We want the time to be meaningful, yet manageable.

What are we doing about grades?

  • Quarter 3 "Due to the timing of the school closure, all middle school students will receive "N/M" or "no mark" for Quarter 3." Because we were unable to complete the quarter, the grades will not influence transcripts or GPA.
  • Quarter 4 "Students will receive a "P" or "pass" or "N/M" or "no mark" for Q4. Final grade (P/NM) will be posted in PowerSchool." For distance learning work, there will be no traditional letter grades. Students who do a majority of the work will qualify for a pass.

What are we doing with promotion and other end of the year activities?

This is a complicated question. We certainly want to honor the important transition for our eight graders. While we don't have a specific plan, we will work within the safety guidelines and recommendations to create the best option for a promotion celebration. Events like dances, field trips, honors nights, and other milestones are, however, cancelled. Again, we will make every effort to honor and celebrate our students. Stay tuned for more.

What about the items left in lockers?

We are currently in a County-issued shelter-in-place until the beginning of May. Before any items were retrieved or returned to campus, we would first need it to be deemed safe. We plan on creating an opportunity for all items to be returned. We'll share the details when we have an official plan.

Along with students collecting items from lockers, we will also need to consider returning textbooks, sports uniforms, and School-issued devices. This will likely be some time in June. Again, we'll share details when we have an official plan.

How do we prepare for Distance Learning?

It's critical during this time to set yourself up for success. Distance learning is new for all of us, but here is some advice to ensure your learning continues:

  • Check email often. This is the primary way our district and school will communicate important updates.
  • Use the new school schedule to create your own schedule. Establish consistent sleep times and routines to keep everyday successful. Within those schedules, define when school work ends. It's more important than ever to have down time.
  • Set up a space for learning. Just like a classroom, make sure you are comfortable and have access to supplies, a suitable device (computer, laptop, or tablet) and the Internet.
  • Know where to get help. Counselors, teachers, Assistant Principals, and other staff are all available. Find us at quimbyoak.eesd.org, email us, or connect via social media:

Thank you for your flexibility and support. Please reach out with your questions. Stay safe and healthy.

All the Best,

Mrs. Hansen-Vera


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