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Zoom Anxiety
Posted 09/21/2020 08:28PM

Zoom Anxieties

Yes, it's real. Many of us, students and adults, experience anxiety when faced with the video grid of faces in the Zoom room. Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms don't provide all the feedback we're used to in social situations. And staring at a screen is definitely not as fun as being there in person. Here are some strategies for helping students and adults with Zoom anxiety:
  • Experiment with placement. Students can sit in front of a bright light like a window. Or try sitting farther away from the screen. Sitting at an angle can also feel more comfortable for students.
  • Learn the technology. Show your student the light that turns on when the camera is on so they know when they are on-screen.
  • Students can put a post-it note over their face on the Zoom grid so they won't be distracted by their own video. Or turn off self-view by clicking on the upper right of the box with the student's image.
  • Relieve stress. Students can use fidget toys or coloring to relieve their anxiety.
  • Encourage students to speak with their teacher about their concerns. Teachers can help explore options like responding in the chat box or using reaction icons to show participation.
  • Students can talk to their friends about what they're experiencing. Friends can validate that the student's presence is what matters the most.
  • When school is over, try to find non-screen ways to connect and relax. Some exercise, an art activity, playing with a pet, or spending time outside are all ways of getting a break from Zoom anxiety.

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