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iPad Apps

On this page, you can find information about recommended iPad apps that will enhance student learning. In the left column, you will find video and reading materials. In the middle, you will find highly-interactive apps, and in the right column, you will find math apps. If you click on the icons, you will be directed you to the Apple website with more details. Most of the apps are free, but some have more features if you make in-app purchases. Several are also available on iPhones in addition to iPads. I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to send feedback and/or other suggestions.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy contains tons of educational videos on many subjects. Most importantly, they have math videos targeted at every grade level (starting at kindergarten) for extra support.

Khan Academy Logo - links to iTunes product page
khan Academy on iTunes

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation allows students to speak and records their voice in text format. This is wonderful for students who struggle with writing as it helps them dictate their ideas and then provide them the opportunity to edit the text.

Dragon Dictation Logo - links to iTunes product page
Dragon Dictation on iTunes

Number Bond Blasters

Number Bond Blasters is a great way for students to build their number sense as they use the concept of decomposing numbers. It covers all operations and lets students practice as well as take a speed quiz.

Number Bond Blasters Logo - links to iTunes product page
Number Bond Blasters on iTunes


BrainPop is a favorite among many students for its educational videos on many subjects featuring Moby, the robot and Tim, his friend. With the app, you can see the featured video of the day, but you can pay for a subscription to access all of them. BrainPop Jr and BrainPOP Espanol are also available.
Brain Pop Logo - links to iTunes product page
BrainPop on iTunes

Vocabulary and Spelling City

Spelling City is a wonderful way to help students view vocabulary and spelling words. They simply type them in, and then the app provides them with a variety of quizzes to test them.

Vocabulary Spelling City Logo - links to iTunes product page
Spelling City on iTunes

Sushi Monster

Somewhat similar to Number Bond Blasters, Sushi Monster is a way for students to practice fact fluency in addition and multiplication. It is a game format that allows students to unlock levels as they are successful.

Sushi Monster Logo - links to iTunes product page
Sushi Monster on iTunes

Tween Tribune

Tween Tribune contains daily news articles written at a level for students to understand. You can get TweenTribune Junior for grades K-4, or Tween Tribune for students in grades 5-8. If teachers sign their classes up, they can leave comments and take quizzes.
Tween Tribune Logo - links to iTunes product page
Tween Tribune on iTunes


Instead of handwriting flashcards on index cards, you can create your own set on this app. Although commonly used for vocabulary words, you can base the flashcards on any content. It's easy to use and is a great tool for studying.

Flashcards Logo - links to iTunes product page
Flashcards on iTunes


Best for younger students, this app features books, read-along videos, and educational songs. It's format is very appealing and is enjoyable to experience. Although there are many features available for free, there are also are in-app costs if you'd like to increase the library size.
Speakaboos Logo - links to iTunes product page
Speakaboos on iTunes

Grammar Dragon

Unfortunately this is a paid app, but it targets learning standards. In a game format, students have to identify parts of speech and can work at different grade levels.
Grammar Dragon Logo - links to iTunes product page
Grammar Dragon on iTunes

Todo Math

Todo Math is best for kindergarten to second grade students. It contains many activities within the mathematical strands for practice.
Todo Math Logo - links to iTunes product page
Todo Math on iTunes

Read Me Stories

The Read Me Stories app already includes sample books but adds a different one each day. The text highlights as it reads aloud.
Read Me Stories Logo - links to iTunes product page
Read Me Stories on iTunes

7 Little Words for Kids

This app received Honorable Mention for Best Educational Game in the 2011 Best App Ever Awards, so it's worth its price! There is an regular version, but this one is made for kids because it has easier puzzles.
7 Little Words for Kids Logo - links to iTunes product page
7 Little Words for Kids on iTunes

Tap and Flash

This app was created by an Evergreen School District parent! It is a great way for students to practice automaticity and memorization within all four math operations. It also includes flash cards for U.S. Capitals and vocabulary words.
Tap and Flash Logo - links to iTunes product page
Tap and Flash on iTunes

Sono Flex

For students learning English, this app is very helpful. It turns symbols into clear speech and provides students with vocabulary words they use on a daily basis.
Sono Flex Logo - links to iTunes product page
Sono Flex on iTunes

Splash Math

There are different apps for each grade level for Splash Math, or you can obtain the whole package. The app download is free, however, it only includes a preview. In order to access the full version, you do need to pay for it. It provides wonderful exercises for kids practicing important skills.
Splash Math Logo - links to iTunes product page
Splash Math on iTunes


Based on Common Core standards, iTooch provides questions for ELA and Math across grade levels for students to practice in a nice interface. In-app purchases allow you to access even more questions.
iTooch Logo - links to iTunes product page
iTooch on iTunes


Animator gives students the opportunity to easily create their own flip books. It's easy to use and includes many tools for young artists.
Animator Logo - links to iTunes product page
Animator on iTunes

Puppet Pals 2

This fun app allows students to select from a variety of locations and characters to create little shows. They can add their own voices and pictures to make them come alive.
Puppet Pals 2 Logo - links to iTunes product page
Puppet Pals 2 on iTunes

Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives helps students understand concepts of fractions, decimals, and percents and how they relate using visual tools. It also provides a work space for students to use.
Virtual Manipulatives Logo - links to iTunes product page
Virtual Manipulatives on iTunes

Book Creator Free

There is a paid version of Book Creator, but this free version still enables students to use text, photos, and recorded sound to create their own stories and then export them. They can also use freehand to draw and write.
Book Creator Free Logo - links to iTunes product page
Book Creator on iTunes


There are many Tangrams apps available. This particular app is free (though the in-app purchase option includes even more puzzles.) It displays best on the iPhone ,but definitely works on the iPad. It's the classic puzzle game using 7 shaped pieces.
Tangrams Logo - links to iTunes product page
Tangrams on iTunes

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