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Posted 05/11/2020 06:34PM

All of us at Walk n' Roll San Jose hope that your family and community are staying safe and in good health during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. With school campuses closed for the school year and all Walk n' Roll activities paused, we wanted to provide resources for families to stay informed, be active, and have fun!

Though we must still be mindful of social distancing guidelines, getting some fresh-air and physical activity is a great way to take a break from studies and refresh our brains, not to mention an effective way to fight the boredom that can quickly set in while we're all indoors far more than usual.

Lastly, the City of San Jose issues daily updates about the impact of our collective efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve and tips on how to thrive while we're all sheltering at home. You can sign up here to receive this information via email if interested:

Walk n' Roll Activities and Resources List

*Click on the available links to visit web resources.

Walk n' Roll Art & Poetry Contest
Draw, paint, or write about walking, biking, skating, or scootering! How does being active and getting exercise make you feel?What do you see while walking or rolling?

Some families are getting out to actively move in their neighborhoods.Other families are staying inside.Regardless, when students visualize the sun beaming down and the wind whizzing though their hair – it's a boost to mental health.

Selected artwork and poetry will be used to encourage safe and active travel for future International Walk and Roll Days, Walk and Roll Wednesdays, and Walk n' Roll events.

Submissions due no later than May 29. See "Art and Poetry Spring Contest" sheet for more information and contest guidelines.

Build a Fort!
Grab some blankets, chairs, and don't forget the snacks! Blanket forts are easy to build and they provide hours of fun for children and adults. The link above, courtesy of the City of San Rafael has some basic tips and instructions as well as a link to more resources.

Workout Videos for Everyone and Exercise Activities for Kids
The YMCA has a growing library of online videos for you and your family. You can take group exercise classes for all ages right in your own home at no charge. There are videos for yoga, pilates, and bootcamps as well as cycling and weightlifting

for those with equipment. There are also categories of videos with activities for kids and older adults.

Also included is a post from Wirecutter, a New York Times Company, that has resources for kids exercise videos. Elementary and Middle School students can find fun ways to stay active and have fun.

If you love scavenger hunts, this is the tops! There are 3 million "geocaches" hidden all over the world, ranging in size from a tiny mint box to large plastic boxes. Inside these containers, you'll find a variety of trinkets to look at and a sign-in sheet, where you can jot down the date and your Geocache handle.

Download the user-friendly app to find geocaches near you. You can also add to the 3 million geocaches by creating and hiding one yourself!

Learn to Ride a Bike
We all remember the joy of learning how to ride a 2-wheel bike, but few remember how we learned. This video shows a few ways you can help your kids learn how to ride.

Obstacle Course/Relay Challenge
Have fun while practicing motor skills and getting exercise! The link above has a variety of obstacle courses that use different equipment, but all require relatively little preparation.

Pedestrian Safety and Bike Safety
Check out these websites for age-appropriate instruction on being safe while walking or biking. These are great conversation-starters for the whole family, too!

Recess at Home
Playworks offers video tutorials of games that follow CDC guidelines and can be played at home with little to no equipment. You can join them every week as they host virtual recess three times a day Monday-Friday live on Facebook.

Also free to access is their Game Library that has instructions for a broad range of games that can be sorted by group size, available space and equipment, appropriate ages, and developmental skills. Lastly, Playworks also has tutorial videos for games, and a printable Play at Home Playbook that features these games.

Santa Clara County #PixInParks/Magnificent 7 Challenge
Each year, the folks at Santa Clara County Parks pick 7 trails for you to explore. Each route includes a spot where you take a selfie. After completing all seven, you present your seven selfies and claim your free T-shirt or bandana from their office (once it reopens to the public).

The Avenza Map app is free as well - highly recommended, as it tracks your location so you stay on the right trails!

Social Distancing with Sports
Throwing a football, playing catch with a baseball, and passing a soccer ball can be done while following social distancing rules.

Walk n' Roll to School
Even though school campuses are closed, you can still try walking or biking to school so that when things return to normal, you'll have your route ready-to-go! Try one of the suggested routes off your school's Walk n' Roll map, or make your own by following the NHTSA guidelines for finding a safe route for walking or biking.

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