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Posted 08/24/2017 05:01PM

Dear Parents,

During the school year, many boys and girls are allowed by their parents to ride bicycles to and from school.With parent permission, we allow students in 4th through 6th grade to ride their bikes to school. In addition to the California Highway Patrol bicycle regulations, bikes must be walked, not ridden, on school grounds.Likewise, this permission slip must be on file in the office for your child to ride their bike to school. There are a limited number of available bike racks. They will be assigned first come, first served.

In order to provide for your child's safety, we ask that you review the following safety regulations as set by the California Highway Patrol.

  1. Maintain control of your bicycle.
  2. Protect yourself-reduce the risk of head injury by always wearing a helmet.
  3. Be visible, alert, and communicate your intentions.
  4. Ride with the traffic and keep to the far right.
  5. Ride in a straight line, with no weaving in and out of traffic.
  6. Never carry a "passenger".
  7. Obey all signs, traffic lights, and traffic lanes.

Read more about bicycle laws, safety tips and commonly asked questions.

If you plan to allow your child to ride a bicycle to and from school, please complete the following form and return to the office before your child begins riding to school.All bikes need to be locked and put in the bike rack during school hours.


ADDRESS:_____________________________________ PHONE NO. ______________________

I give permission for my child to ride his/her bicycle to and from school.


Lock combination:_______________________________

Parent's Signature: ________________________________________________________

I will walk my bike on campus and follow all school rules.

Student's Signature: ________________________________________________________

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