Recognition and Achievements

Student of the Month

Preschool Clayden J.
Alden V.

Transitional Kindergarten
Rachel S.

Kindergarten Fyza Q.
Devin A.
Yekaterina L.

First Anoushka K.
Natalie P.

Second Meera M.
Benson L.
Brody C.
Avleen G.

Third Aaron P.
Vincent A.
Julianna S.
Bao N.

Fourth Caleb T.
Kabir S.
Nikan A.

Fifth Dhakshesh L.
Sumedh S.
Avik B.

Sixth Liam C.
Xander H.
Justin W.

Battle of the Books Champions

Silver Oak Battle of the Books
FALL 2019

Battle of the Books, boxing gloves, book

Battle of the Books at Silver Oak is a reading incentive program for students in 3rd through 6th grades. There are two competitions... Grades 3/4 teams and Grades 5/6 teams. The Battle of the Books contests, consisting of quiz show format questions about books, are moderated by Principal Greenfield.

The winner of the Grade 5/6 competition was "The Underdogs". The Grade 3/4 winner was "The Best Readers on Earth".

All of the winners did an amazing job of reading and absorbing information from the selected books. Members of the winning teams each received an award certificate as well as an Amazon gift card. Even more important, they had a chance to immerse themselves in some wonderful books. We wish all of the Battle of the Books participants happy reading in the future, and thank them for their enthusiasm for books.

We’d like to recognize and thank all the students who participated in this year’s Battle of the Books, and showed us how fun reading can be!

Special thanks also go to America's Battle of the Books for providing the book lists and quiz questions, to school librarian, Mrs. Hokanson, for ensuring that contest books were available at Silver Oak, to the PTO for funding the program, and to Principal Greenfield for moderating the contest.

For more details about this year's competition, visit our eNews Story

 5th/6th Grade Contest Winners
5/6 Grade 2019 Winners - "The Underdogs"
Boston M, Cayne M, Vedh R, Logan G, Xander H, Noah C

3/4 grade BoB winners
3/4 Grade 2019 Winners - "The Best Readers on Earth"
Jenna B, Ean H, Lucas L, Sophie W, Halle V, Rachel C

Math Kangaroo Results

Math Kangaroo Logo

On March 21, 2019, 70 students from Silver Oak took the Math Kangaroo test. Over the course of 75 minutes, the students in grades 1 through 4 solved 24 questions, while those in grades 5 and 6 solved 30 questions. The questions were increasing in difficulty and the last few were very challenging for the grade levels. Questions are in a puzzle-like format and challenge students’ logical and analytical skills.

Congratulations to all the Math Kangaroo students for taking on the test challenge, for working hard and for earning good scores. You make us proud!

Nine students from Silver Oak have made it to the National merit list. Diya V. (Grade 5) scored full marks with all answers correct and has ranked first place in the nation!



National Rank

State Rank

Xiyao Z.



Annabella C.



Sudhir V.



Priyanka K.



Tanisha B.



Gareth L.




William W.



Diya V.




Matthew C.



Science Fair

2019 District Science Fair

These fabulous students will display their science projects at the District Science Fair, oThursday, March 21. Congratulations!




Navraj S.


Team: Nicholas V. and Gavin C.

3rd Shant Y.


Callen T.


Team: Sarah S., and Katelyn N.


Team: Mihika P., Gia P., Nadezda L., and Isabel C.

5th Team: Melissa M., Alia O., Natalie S., and Kayli A.


Team: Eesha B., Hoai Trang H., Gabby H., and Allison C.


Team: Sophie C. and Sophia D.

During the 3rd Annual STEAM Night/Maker Faire classroom Science Fair projects selected to go to the District Science Fair were on display in the multipurpose room. The second grade and Mrs. Ferguson's class displayed their community projects. The winners of the individual grade projects displayed and explained their theories and findings before heading to the District event on March 15, 2018. This year's Silver Oak winners are:

Lucas P.
Which shape is the strongest?1st
Matthew F.Which shape is the strongest?1st
Mia D.Which shape is the strongest?1st
Michelle L.The importance of choosing our drinks and brushing our teeth3rd
Sophia W.Citrus Power3rd
Gabriela S.
Diya V.
Eesha B.
The Boat Geniuses4th
Melissa M.
Spencer W.
Float a Boat4th
Luke B.The night bike sensor (NBS)4th
Melanie P.Where does the dirt go?5th
Matthew S.There's no "Eye" in Human
Sanjala V.Predicting the Weather with a self-made barometer5th
Kiara R.
Anton L.
Michael L.
Triangle Pulley6th
Ethan K.
Ryan S.
Lauren C.
Triangle Pulley6th

Spelling Bee


Spelling Bee Logo

Picture of top three Silver Oak spellers & Principal

Many thanks to our wonderful pronouncer Mr. Hunter Elkins and our judges,
PTO President, Ms. Taline Yerganian, and 2019 Scripps National Spelling Bee Co-Champion (and Silver Oak Alumnus!), Rishik Gandhasri

Silver Oak held its 14th annual Spelling Bee competition on January 15, 2020. The multipurpose room was buzzing with anticipation with 20 fantastic spellers and their proud families and friends.

It was an evening filled with excitement and suspense as our Silver Oak spellers battled it out in a war of consonants and vowels placed in just the right order. When the spelling was done, Zayd Q. won third place honors, Hoai-Trang H. took second place, and Silver Oak crowned a new Silver Oak Spelling Bee Champion... Diya V.!

1st Place: Diya V. (6th grade)
2nd Place: Hoai-Trang H. (6th grade)
3rd Place: Zayd Q. (6th grade)

Congratulations to the all 20 Silver Oak
Spelling Bee Finalists
for a spectacular showing of their
amazing spelling skills!

4th Grade
Priyanka K.
Yana K.
Devarsh S.

5th Grade
Parsa A.
Rishaan D.
Soha K.
Erica L.
Michelle L.
Elise N.
Vedh R.
Keshav S.
Aidan S.

6th Grade
Deven A.
Micah C.
Hoai-Trang H.
Katie H.
Joelle L.
Anderson N.
Zayd Q.
Diya V.

What's Next?
Online Qualifier Test for the Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee

As Silver Oak Spelling Bee Champion, Diya V. has qualified to compete with other regional school champions via an online local test administered at Silver Oak in late January. The top School Champion finishers of the online lest (up to 50) will move on to the 2020 Bay Area Regional Spelling Bee on Saturday, February 29th at the Amador Theater in Pleasanton, CA. The champion of the Bay Area Regional Bee will win an expenses-paid trip to the 2020 Scripps National Spelling Bee in National Harbor, Maryland. Good luck, Diya!!

Spelling Bee Participants

Fitness Fun Run Results

Spring 2020 Fitness Fun Run
Fitness Run Results

Math Olympiad Results

Math Olympiad

The annual Math Olympiad competition consists of five tests administered at schools around the world once per month from November through March. The Math Olympiad competition is geared toward stimulating enthusiasm and a love for mathematics and is open to students in grades 4 through 6. Practice sessions focus on mathematical concepts, problem solving skills, and fostering mathematical creativity and ingenuity.

2018 - 2019 Team Results

The team score is calculated by summing the top 10 highest scores from all team members. Our Silver Oak team scored 207 points.

Students with Top 10 Highest Scores



Diya V.


Matthew C.


Molly K.


Sanjala V.


Aaditya B.


Annabella C.


Zayn D.


Deshna S.


Sanjana V.


Tanisha B.


Congratulation to all the kids who participated in Math Olympiad this year. Everyone worked hard attending early morning coaching sessions, put in extra hours of studying at home, and strived for accuracy during the contests.

Honor Roll

Honor Roll
Roll is a special accommodation awarded to students who reach certain academic goals throughout the year. You must be in grades 4-6 to be eligible for the program. Gold Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive all A's on their report card and demonstrate satisfactory citizenship (no N's or U's). Silver Honor Roll is awarded to students who receive all A's & B's on their report card and no N's or U's. Report cards are given out each trimester, so students have three opportunities over the course of the school year to reach Honor Roll.

Birthday Book Club

Birthday Book Club Silver Oak School


Each month 1st - 6th grade students choose books to be donated to their classroom or school library in honor of their birthdays. Each month, we recognize their donations by posting their names (and birthday months) here.


Stacked books

Aditya A.Ananyashree L.
Alec C.Avik B.
Alison C.
Anagha C.
Katelyn T.Alia O-S
Krithik C.Anderson N.
Madeline T.Brielle T.
Maya C.Dhakshesh L.
Rohan S.Elyse C.
John K.
JULY (1/2-Birthday)Luke B.
Dylan G.Roman K.
Ekam B.Sophia M-C.
Jace S.
Jack Ryan N.JUNE (1/2-Birthday)
Joshua C.Ethan D.
Justin L.Kayden B.
Nadezda L.Kylie S.
Samridhi K.Rylan B.
Siddhant B.Sumedh S.
Swathi S-K.Suriya D.

Exhibiting Excellence Awards

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