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Interested in Student Council?
Posted 09/04/2018 01:36PM

Tom Matsumoto Elementary School

Student Council Election



Student Council is an important part of Tom Matsumoto Elementary School. The Student Council makes important decisions and coordinates student projects that affect every student at Matsumoto. Student Council members have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, decision-making, budget management and communication skills as they solve real problems, learn about responsibility and the democratic process. It is also a lot of fun!

If your child is interested in running for Student Council, please review the nomination criteria and the timelines below. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Nguyen at


President: Conducts meetings (6th Grader)

Vice President: Assists President (5th Grader)

Secretary: Takes minutes and counts votes (6th Grader)

Treasurer: Gives financial report (5th Grader)

Historians: Takes and displays photos of school events (Two 4th Graders)


●All candidates must have received a grade of C or higher on last year's third trimester report card in all content areas.

●All candidates must have received an S or higher in all categories under "Work Habits" on last year's third trimester report card.

●All candidates must obtain 20 signatures on the nomination form. Student, parent, and current teacher must also sign the nomination form.

●All candidates must submit a campaign statement of 75 words or less. In the statement, include your name, position you are running for, and reason you would make an excellent candidate. Submit your campaign statement at:



1. Obtain all required signatures on the nomination form. Turn in nomination form to the OFFICE by Wednesday, September 12th, no later than 8:30am. (Late forms will not be accepted. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate responsibility, one of the qualities we look for in leaders).

2. Submit a campaign statement (75 words or less) by Wednesday, September 12th, no later than 8:30am. In the statement, include your name, position you are running for, and the reason why you would make an excellent candidate. Submit your campaign statement at:

3. THE PRIMARY ELECTION will be held in the classroom on Friday, September 14th.

4. All candidates who meet the criteria AND turn in a completed nomination form will be included on the Primary Election Ballot. Each grade-level will vote for their grade-level candidates only.The three winning candidates for each OFFICE in the Primary Election will run in the General Election.


Each candidate may, if he/she wishes, form a Campaign Committee of grade-level classmates to help him/her campaign.

Primary Election Campaign

Monday, September 10th to Friday, September 14th

General Election Campaign

Tuesday, September 25th to Thursday, October 4th

1. Each candidate may hang three signs on campus. Signs may be posters and/or banners. Posters may be 28" x 36" or smaller. Banners may be four feet or shorter. Posters must have positive messages appropriate for school.

2. Candidates MAY NOT distribute campaign literature, buttons, stickers, brochures, etc.


3. At the end of the Primary Election, candidates who are not moving onto the General Election must take their posters down. At the end of the General Election, all posters must be taken down.


1. THE GENERAL ELECTION will be held Thursday, October 4th at 8:30am.

2. Candidates in the General Election are required to write a campaign speech.

●Speech may be 1-3 minutes in length.

●Candidates may not make promises in their speeches that are beyond the scope of the Student Council. For example, don't promise students that you will install a swimming pool at the school.

●All speeches will need to be approved by Dr. Nguyen by Wednesday, October 3rd.

3. Only upper graders vote in the election. Upper grade students will vote for one person per OFFICE.



Candidate's Name (Print): ______________________________________________

Teacher: ____________________________________ Grade: _____ Room: _____

I am running for the position I have circled below (circle one only):

PRESIDENT (6th Grader)


SECRETARY (6th Grader)

TREASURER (5th Grader)

HISTORIAN (2) (4th Grader)

CANDIDATE'S SIGNATURE: ___________________________________________

PARENT'S SIGNATURE: ______________________________________________

TEACHER'S SIGNATURE: _____________________________________________

Note: Teacher's signature indicates that the student has met nomination criteria. Please check progress report.

_______ (Initials) Submit a CAMPAIGN STATEMENT of 75 words or less. In the statement, include your name, position you are running for, and the reason why you would make an excellent candidate. Submit your campaign statement at:


Note: Candidates for 6th grade offices must have 6th grade signatures. Candidates for 5th grade offices must have 5th grade signatures. Candidates for 4th grade offices must have 4th grade signatures.

1. _____________________________ 2. _____________________________

3. _____________________________ 4. _____________________________

5. _____________________________ 6. _____________________________

7. _____________________________ 8. _____________________________

9. _____________________________ 10. _____________________________

11. _____________________________ 12. _____________________________

13. _____________________________ 14. _____________________________

15. _____________________________ 16. _____________________________

17. _____________________________ 18. _____________________________

19. _____________________________ 20. _____________________________


Wednesday, September 5th

Student Council Nomination Meeting at RECESS in Room 25

Wednesday, September 12th

Nomination Forms due to Dr. Nguyen (OFFICE) by 8:30am (No Exceptions)

Monday, September 10th – Friday, September 14th

Publicity/Campaign Posters for Primary Elections

Friday, September 14th

Primary Elections (Primary Voting in Classroom by 9am)

Monday, September 24th

General Election Candidates Meeting at RECESS in Room 25

Tuesday, September 25th - Thursday, October 4th

Publicity/Campaign Posters for General Elections

Wednesday, October 3rd

Approval of Speeches by Dr. Nguyen

Thursday, October 4th

General Election Speech & Voting (Assembly at 8:30am in Forum)

Thursday, October 18th

1st Student Council Meeting from 12:35-1:30pm in Room 25

Student Council will be meeting after-school on the following Thursdays (tentative):

October 18th

November 1st

December 6th

January 17th

February 7th

March 7th

April 4th

May 2nd

June 6th

12:35pm-1:30pm in Room 25

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