Rebound with Attendance!


Showing up to school on time every day is important for  student success from kindergarten through high school. Missing just 10% of the school year (only one or two days per month) can make it harder for young children to learn early reading and math skills and build relationships with their classmates. For older children, missing more than 9 days of school in a school year makes it harder to complete assignments, connect with teachers and peers, and can prevent students from participating in promotion activities at the end of the year. Missing school is one of the three main predictors of dropping out and not graduating from high school. Students need support from the adults in their lives to be in school on time every day all day.

Here are some ways to support your student’s attendance at school.

  • Set up a regular routine for finishing homework, going to bed on time, and getting ready for school in the morning.
  • Stay healthy. Keep your student’s vaccinations current, make sure they are eating healthy food, and take health precautions such as washing hands and wearing masks.
  • Make backup plans for getting to school. Ask family members or neighbors for assistance with drop off and pick up.
  • Schedule appointments and trips during school breaks or after school.
  • Talk about the importance of showing up to school ready to learn every day.

If attendance has been a challenge, make a success plan with your student. Download an example success plan here:

Elementary Student Success Plan, English

Plan de Éxito con la Asistencia Escolar de mi Niño/a

Kế Hoạch Đi Học Thành Công Cho Con Tôi

If your child seems anxious about going to school, talk to your student’s elementary school principal or middle school counselor for ideas and advice.

Help your child be at school all day, every day, for successful school now and successful plans later.

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